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We help you start a new and fresh life in Japan!!
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We sell the essentials for your daily life in Japan.
(Furniture or home electronics)

Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, rice cookers, gas range, air conditioners, telephones, TVs, electronic kettles, vacuum cleaners, toasters, cupboards, dining tables, chests of drawers, shoe racks, desks, dressing tables, designer furniture (sofas, beds)

All the home electronic appliances at the shop are cleaned, checked and maintained after we buy from our customers. What’s more, we provide 3 months warranty on everything. (Warranty applies only to the main unit, not to the peripherals. In the event of goods being defective, we offer refunds or will exchange with a similar product.Secondary problems caused by faults are not covered in the warranty. Unauthorized repair or accidental damage is not covered by the warranty. )

We collect your unneeded home appliances and furniture at a reasonable price when you leave Japan.(clearance service)

In Japan, due to recycling laws, it’s difficult to sell used home electronic appliances even if they are in usable condition. Because of smaller sizes of the houses in Japan, removing big furniture like beds and sofas are subjected to a fee-based service.

(Other things that are damaged, unsanitary, dirty or broken are also subjected to a fee-based service.We also buy collectibles and unusual commodities.)

We come and collect goods you cannot take when you move or go back home, for a reasonable fee or buy them.

Generally, home electronic appliances that are easy to sell are not more than three years old (depending on the condition).

For furniture, smaller, more compact items are easier to sell. However, designer furniture is an exception. Please confer with us if you have any inquiries.

In Japan due to the system and laws of recycling, you have to pay a lot for disposal. So, we highly recommend considering recycling before disposal.

Our service area:We are particularly interested buying from these areas in Tokyo

We are particularly interested buying from these areas
Koto-ku, Sumida-ku, Chuo-ku, Edogawa-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Taito-ku, Arakawa-ku, Katsushika-ku, Adachi-ku
Ichikawa city, Urayasu City, Funabashi city, Kamagaya city, Mihama-ku, Hanamigawa-ku

Delivery fees & collection fees
Our delivery fee depends on how many items you bought and the total cost, where you live, and if you need an assistant to move the product.
Our collection service might not be available, depending on the kinds of items, total amount of items and schedule.
Special discount for foreiners
When you buy over 10,000 yen worth of products, print out the voucher and show it to our staff to get a 10% discount!
To print from PC(DISCOUNT COUPON)←Simply print this page and you can use it as a discount coupon! Alternatively cell-phone users can simply show this page on their screen to get a discount!
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Contact (shop holidays are not fixed) 03-3682-8460 (available from 12pm to 6pm in Japanese only)
(If you live in Tokyo and call from a land line, you do not need to dial the 03 prefix.)
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